A la carte (eng)

Charcuterie & olive pickles 120kr

grilled bread


Pimientos de Padron 65kr


Deep fried pork cheek 85kr

smoked chili mayonnaise


Chips & Dip 120kr

whitefish roe, almond shaped potato chips


Beef Cheek croquettes 100kr

jalapeño mayonnaise, salted cucumber


Cream on pumkin and grilled bread 120kr

chili & garlic, coconut & parsley


Scallops 185kr

butter, crawfish broth, jerusalem artichoke & Swedish truffle


Swedish dumpling 155kr

funnel chantarell & chicken broth


Blackened beef tenderloin 195kr

sweet onion, tarragon, carrot, hard cheese


Reindeer 365kr

rutabaga, brown butter, lingonberries & puffed rice


Artic char 325kr

almond potato puré, blue mussel, cale & carrot


Cabbage & peas 275 kr

mushroom of the season & Jerusalem artichoke, red peel potato


Northern stuffed & fried chicken 285kr

Emmentaler, Parmesan & smoked pork neck, anchovies, lettuce & cabbage